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quote the congress in the dark. the congress have been given inaccurate statements. another line of defense is they scoop up tons but it's okay because they have a lot of rules about it. second there are questions about whether there have ever been any violation.
quote . it makes the i tensions of the congress very clear. i believe the amendment makes a powerful statement that n.s.a. cannot target americans or listen to their phone calls. however, i do understand the concerns of the american people and of congress when it comes to these programs. on the house intelligence committee, we are reviewing potential ways to change the fisa act that will provide the
quote ? >> they don't trust you. >> you lied to congress, why
quote follows the rule of raw and the clear intent of the statutes passed by this congress. i urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to vote for this amendment. the chair: the gentleman from michigan's time has expired. the gentleman from michigan.
quote agencies had made statements to both congress and the foreign intelligence surveillance court that they had significantly exaggerated the effectiveness of the bulk e-mail program when senator ow dale and i pressed them to back these staples up, they couldn't do it. the bulk e-mail records program was shut down that year. our experience with a the bulk e-mail records program showed us that the intelligence agencs'
quote the government from misusing section 215 to engage in the llection of all of our personal records. congress did not grant the executives to collect everything it wants. this amendment restores the requirement that are relevant to an authorized intelligence investigation and ignored by successive administrations. no administration should be permitted to operate above or beyond the law as they have done this this respect. i urge all of my colleagues to vote in favor of the amash
quote . nobody monitors who they're eavesdropping on. the question of abuse is one congress should be investigating. >> i know you have been in contact with snowden, it seems he's prepared to stay in russia, will that be possible and what russia will decide?
quote congress has to carefully consider the powerful surveillance tools that we grant the government and ensure that there is stringent oversight and accountability and transparency. this data should not be limited to those surveillance programs about which information was leaked. that is why i have introduced a bill that addresses not only
quote legal bounds here in this congress and this amendment makes it perfectly clear for everyone to understand. we shouldn't mislead the american people into thinking that the n.s.a. has been acting illegally. there is perhaps no program in the united states government that is as carefully monitored in overseeing the programs this amendment attempts to clarify. to the extent that some in this chamber wish to review and
quote . this year, the report was eight sentences, less than a full page. to think that the congress has substantial oversight of this program is simply incorrect. i cannot match mr. sensenbrenner's brilliant
quote activities. congress should support the administration's move in this
quote evaluate the wisdom of the intelligence programs create congress needs accurate information to conduct oversight responsibilities that the constitution demands that we do under our checks and balances of government. that is why it was especially disturbing to see that the director of national intelligence was forced to apologize for inaccurate statements he made last march he for senate intelligence committee. the statement can -- concern one of the important programs will be hearing about. this very day.
quote hardly at all. it's an indication of a healthy democracy where the oversight of congress on even security issues is important. the last time i called this same issue for a vote, an amendment i offered the senator judiciary committee, senator mike lee, republican of utah and i co-sponsored it, only one other senator joined us in that vote. it's clear the sentiment is growing for oversight. with the senators pushing for it, it's going to increa that effort for oversight.
quote that deals with a secret committee and members of congress are limited to their access to the actions of that committee and we are supposed to trust them. folks, we have a job to do. i yield back. i vote yes.
quote of the episode have been that james clapper an others lied to the american congress, which everyone acknowledges, about what the nsa is doing. it's amazing he hasn't been prosecuted but still has his job. it lets national security officials continue to lie to the public, which happened in
quote constitutional obligation in congress that says we must provide for the general defense of the united states. we have found how to do this and protect your privacy. remember, most people think these phone calls are recorded. they're not. most people think their names are associated with these phone numbers. they're not. it's just a whole list of phone numbers with no names and no addresses. when a terrorist number, just a terrorist number is found, they plug it in to these numbers and
quote to the american congress, which everyone acknowledges, about what the nsa is doing. it's amazing he hasn't been prosecuted but still has his job. it lets national security officials continue to lie to the public, which happened in exchange you just referenced. the way that i know exactly what they have the capability to do when spying on americans, the story i'm working on for the last month, publishing this week, very yearly sets forth what these programs are that nsa analysts, low level one, not just those who work for the nsa but private contractors like mr.
. three years ago congress passed a massive health insurance law, didn't have a single republican vote, and it had significant opposition by the public. in an administration proclaiming to be the most transparent ever, this 2,700-page bill was ran through congress in the early morning hours on christmas eve. even then, speaker of the house pelosi said that congress had to pass this bill so that we could find out what's in it. well, we did. it was passed. and the american people are not liking what they've discovered. while the president promised the affordable care act would lower health care costs and strengthen our health care system, the law instead is increasing health insurance premiums, slowing economic recovery and hindering job creation, and we should not allow the administration to continue to ignore this reality. we should, we must permanently delay the affordable care act. since its enactment in 2010, 18 components of the health care law have been changed, canceled, or dlaismed the president downplays the law's substantial defects by characterizing them as "glitches and bump
but as an historic opportunity for congress to restore and even to strengthen modern voting protections. >> specifically, holder announced that the department of justice will push the courts to require texas to obtain approval or preclearance before making any changes to voting laws. >> today i am announcing that the justice department will ask a federal court in texas to subject the state of texas to a pre-kreer pre-clearance regime similar to the one required by section 5 of the voting rights act. >> the move marks the administration's first major move to protect voting rights since the high court's 5-4 ruling on june 26th. why texas? because only two hours after the supreme court's decision was announced, officials from the lone star state said they would begin changing voter i.d. laws and move forward with controversial redistricting that civil rights groups that called discriminatory. texas officials have not acted alone in their quest to enforce new provisions that could specifically disenfranchise poor, elderly and minority voters. mississippi, alabama and the carolinas have foll
at by congress and then go directly to the caymen islands" option. ( laughter ) ( applause ) also, also this week, we actually have news from the real financial sector. >> the big story this quarter has been financial stocks, the bank stocks all had spectacular numbers. here's goldman sachs, by the way, which had an absolutely terrific earnings report. >> profits double at goldman sachs in the second quarter to $1.93 billion. >> john: yes, goldman sachs have been covering their investors in goldman showers. as an interesting sidenote here, one of the reasonses that goldman is doing so well is its trade in aluminum. as of i will incorrectly pronounce it for your comfort, aluminum. for years, aluminum has helped build our airplanes. it's kept us from sipping beer out of our hands. and provided much-needed headgear for our crazy people. ( laughter ). but wall street's darling has worked out that there is gold in that there aluminum. >> hundreds of millions of times a day, thirsty americans open a can of soda, beer, or jees expemp time they do it, they pay a fraction of a penny more becauseave shrewd
and applause ) e righ be righ ( cheers and applause ) welcome back. congress becomes the least productive in history, having passed just 15 bildz. what we wanted to know what, kind of person aspiers to be a member of this illustrious club. >> amidst record low approval ratings, both parties are on the hunt for promising congressional candidates to head to d.c. so when lettiesia perez, an up-and-coming democrat, captured the supervisor seat in a strongly republican california county, the d.n.c. knew just what to do. >> i received an e-mail from the chairman of the democratic party which said, "we've heard a lot about you. we know that you're a rising star in california, and we'd like to you consider potentially a run for congress." >> it's such a great job. you must have been really excited. >> actually, i had to say no. >> you decided to say no to d.c. >> that's right. i did. resoundingly. >> reporter: and her resounding no eff'ing way has become a worryingly common refrain. across the nation, the parties are struggling to find anyone willing to run for congress. but why? >> it's no secre
that congress will start to be productive again. we talk with nevada democrat harry reid. >> there's still 60% of the republicans who want to do good things, and i'm confident that some of the people who are-- have tea party affiliation, i think even they're tired of the gridlock. >> brown: a new report says where you live and work can make climbing the economic ladder tougher. we explore a detailed portrait of american social mobility. >> woodruff: in one of california's oldest prisons, once violent inmates are being transformed into peacemakers. we profile that program, wrapping up our series on stopping gun violence. >> this is 52 weeks of very difficult self-exploration. the success of the program is whether or not after they're done they really do stick to that commitment of non-violence. >> brown: jubilant crowds in brazil have greeted pope francis. margaret warner looks at his first trip abroad as pontiff, to a nation shaken by anti- government protests. >> woodruff: and a new book examines the recent history of presidents sending troops into battle, without declaring war. ray suarez s
monument. >>> this has been a congress unwilling to make any compromises. is it the worst productive congress in history? tonight's reality check is coming up next. >>> okay. imagine this scenario. it's 3:00 in the morning and you get a text message, not from a person, but from your security camera, telling you that somebody's broken into your house or office. >> we're talking about a growing technology that lets users spy on thief, call police and guide the cops right in. nbc bay area's stephanie strong has a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: one minute in. the action begins. it only takes seconds to realize these guys don't have a key. ten times these figures try to force their way into the san francisco business. and then they go harder. 12 more times before they're in. they knock over the camera that's been watching them the last three minutes. they don't know that this isn't just any old camera. >> their face is being broadcast. >> reporter: broadcast into virtual servers known as the cloud. >> usually that ends up with them being caught. >> reporter: greg duff
>> the president and congress prepare for the battles to come. the justice department breeds new life into the voting rights law. the n.s.a. leaker tries to get out of the moscow airport, and anthony weiner says, oops, i did it again. i'm pete williams in for gwen ifill on "washington week." >> i say to these members of congress, you can't just be against something. you got to be for something. pete: the president draws battle lines against republicans and they push back. >> the speedster bounds to be all sizzle. at some point campaign season has to end and the working with others season has to begin. pete: but are both sides forgetting that americans are fed up with washington? the attorney general flexes his muscles on voting rights. >> even as congress considers updates to the voting rights act in light of the court's ruling, we plan in, the meantime, to fully utilize the law's remaining sections to make sure the voting rights of all american citizens are protected. pete: a new chapter in the saga of edward snowden. >> he's not a dissident or a human rights activist. mr. snowd
of the congressional black caucus as well and we welcome him back to the congress. dyson andl eric executive director david j johnson of the white house initiative on education excellence for african-americans area for the public service they are offering today in this inaugural event of a congressional caucus on black men and boys. establishing congressional caucus on black men and boys earlier this year, representative danny davis and i out to raise to the national level beginning with the congress serious issues that we and other members of congress are grappling with in our districts along with state and local officials and especially parents and relatives in our african-american communities. the issues are spread across the spectrum of the life of black males in america today. stereotype from their youth andoys, you, -- finally as men. we see a society that does not i'm like men and boys but allow african-american males the opportunity to define themselves as individuals. entitled "the status of black males: ensuring "ur boys mature into strong men cannot drill down to the entire multitude of is
. in the latest phone survey about congress, it ranked below having your dinner interrupted by a phone survey about congress. but these numbers have nothing to do with the job that the lawmakers are doing because they are not doing it. halfway through 2013 just 15 bills passed by congress had become law. they almost passedded a 16th bill but obama refused to sign hr-2904, the "this is not another repeal of obama care, we swear but don't look inside it, just sign it" act. but you can't blame congress for how little they get done. taking a position on anything is political suicide. just look at senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. he's the most obstructionist, bill-blockin'est human law-cork ever to jam up the hauls of congress using the filibuster 413 times since 2007, twice as much as the last democratic minority which earned him the nickname "senator gridlock." yeah, good olsen tore gridlock, the kentucky constipator, the louisville plugger. but even the leader of the do-nothing congress is is now being punished for the handful of times he done did something. >> mitch mcconnell is getting
the pattern of calls, the government can take details from anyone's associations and activities. congress never authorized this type of unchecked surveillance of our citizens. is this problem, the indiscriminate collection of metadata under section 215, that we need to fix right now. the amendment restores the required relationship between the collection of records, and persons being investigated. the amash amendment does not fix the problem with 215. the other amendment does. however you vote, it is imperative that we also vote in favor of the men because this amendment, doing no harm, has not solve the problems that congress has a truculent in with the respect of the misuse of 215 of the patriot act in a. >> the gentleman from kansas. >> the gentleman reserves. >> from indiana? yieldould be happy to time to the gentleman from texas, who makes an inquiry as to how much time he would like to consume. theuld be happy to give gentleman three minutes. >> the gentleman from texas is recognized for three minutes. >> i thank the gentleman from indiana from yielding. i think the german from and
the press conference where he resigned from congress in 2011, this time, his wife, huma a close aide to hillary clinton stood next to him. for the first time she faced the cameras to defend her husband's imperfections and his run for mayor. >> anthony's made some horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from dong and after. but i do very stronel believe that that is between us and our marriage. we discussed all of this before anthony decided to run for mayor. so really what i want to say is i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him, and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> i want to bring in politico senior white house reporter eric and "the washington post" politics reporter jackie. good wednesday to both of you. edward, "the new york times" editorial board writing the serially evasive mr. weiner should take his marriage troubles and personal com pullion out of the camera eye. edward isaac, you've covered anthony me we are a good amount of time here. what is his next move? will he stay in the mayor's race or in politics? what is your thought? >> he
before they can change any eloeker to yl rules. those parts are dead unless congress updates them. the rest of the law, however, remains in tact. that's important. that includes sections that allow the courts to add a similar kind of supervision for local government. the remaining part of the law is less strict. so instead of using that list of discriminatory areas, the doj has to ask courts to add new local governments that are discriminating. one at a time. so if the attorney general sees discrimination in say alabama or north carolina with, he can ask the courts to add that state to this list for extra voter super vision. north caroline why, as you know, is currently pushing the harshest voting crack down in the country. so they may be asking for time in the penalty box. that leads us to the question this week, why did the attorney general start with texas? well, i would argue it's because holder knows the courts have found evidence of discrimination there. here, for example, is a ruling from three federal judges last year and that includes george w. bush appointee. they found
in congress, in this case of course it is probably doa. but that i do think is one of the problems we discuss this. right? it is the first day. we immediately talk about what john boehner said about it and it's just gone. it sort of omits the entire conversation over whether or not these proposals even make sense anymore. >> the fact that it shouldn't be a heavy lift but it presumed doa is sort of what it's sort of come to in congress, vis-a-vis any kind of rational, reasonable, maybe bargain. regarding the subject of corporate tax reform, it's touted as something that both sides want, but matt makes a point, "there's no coherent vision of reform that has broad business support. there's instead vague sympathy for the idea of locking in a low rate that could be achieved in a revenue neutral form by eliminating all deductions, then adding back in all the broadly supported deductions but that again is just another way of saying business leaders want lower taxes on businesses. the apparent consensus in favor of reform is a peer and tracks. theoretically their taxes are going to o go down but when
are some of the best in the world, to pressure congress to invest in our future. i'll be asking our businesses to set an example by providing decent wages and salaries to their own employees. and i'm going to highlight the ones that do just that. they're companies like costco, which pays good wages and offers good benefits. companies like -- you know, there are companies like the container store that prides itself on training its employees and on employee satisfaction because these companies prove that it's not just good for the employees, it's good for their businesses to treat workers well. it's good for america. so i'm going to be calling on the private sector to step up. i will be saying to democrats, we've got to question some of our old assumptions. we've got to be willing to redesign or get rid of programs that don't work as well as they should. we've got to be willing to -- we've got to embrace changes to cherished priorities so that they work better in this new age. we can't just -- democrats can't just stand pat and defend whatever government is doing. if we believe that g
. republicans in congress issued an official finding that attorney general eric holder sought testifying under oath to deceive them. it is prompting fresh calls for president obama to fire america's top cop. holder has already been censured by the house over lack of cooperation in the fast and furious case. now he's in hot water over another scandal that hits us pretty close to home. chief congressional couldn't mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with breaking details. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. house republicans asked that eric holder gave deceptive testimony to congress in handling of the james rosen case. holder assured the american people may 15th that the potential prosecution of a member of the media was something he never contemplated or even heard of. then we found out a few days later release of the rosen warrant showed holder approved that as a suspect to seize his e-mails. if rosen was a suspect, holder gave deceptive testimony to congress. house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte says, quote, deceptive, misleading testimony of attorney general holder is unfortunately
and uncertainty it holds on ordinary families. i say to these members of congress, i am laying them ideas, but now it is time for you to lay out your ideas. >> can't just be against something. we have to be for something. charles: welcome them everybody. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. all we we have been during the president's talk about the econy. instead of saying he wants to work with republicans, he has been blaming and attacking republicans saying that they are the es holding a middle-class town. melissa frances on if the president is looking for the economy to pick up ford is looking t pick a fight. >> she says you cannot be against something, you have to be for something. how about being for the keystone xl pipeline costs. e talks about the economy and liticians. why don't we get behind some projects that could actually create jobs. keystone could create 20,000 jobs out of the gate. that is conservative. some people think it is 40,000. half a million barrels of oil per day would wipe out our need to bring in venezuela and south american oil. this is something that could create jobs a
performed by national captioning institute] ♪ would be honored, every member of congress, go down this river ♪ i would be honored every member of congress go down this river made of promise ♪ >> in a few moments, some of yesterday's house debate on the status of nsa data collection programs. the game a discussion of the defense spending bill. is live at journal" 7:00 a.m. several leather vents to tell about today. beginning with the politico for mommy health insurance exchanges. that is on c-span2 after 8:00 a.m. eastern. on c-span3, the senate homeland security considers the nomination of the director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services. later on c-span3, a senate energy and national -- natural resources subcommittee holds meeting on water infrastructure. that is that's 2:30 p.m. eastern. >> i think that the korean war in a sense sort of helped the -- unify themselves in a way that was not there before. when the communists came down, they were brutal. a lot of the south koreans turned against the communists in the north. that sort of solidified their sense of national cohesion
of this country. where i can act on my own, i'm going to act on my own. i'm not going to wait for congress. >> even before the president had climbed the stage, speaker boehner tonight to his regular thursday press conference waving his usual tired mix of tax cuts and reduced government, but then in a sudden moment of originality, appeared to enter the kitchen for today's attack on the president. >> the speech turned out to be all sizzle, no steak. assuming there is any sizzle left. >>> let's go right to the white house. kristin, three xhin speeching this week, with possibly more in the months to come. you have with the president yesterday. is this a final attempt by him to focus the nails on -- particularly in the light of gridlock in washington? >> martin, absolutely. i think that's a huge part of it. it will show you that jobs are still the number one issue for most americans. i think president obama returning to this topic. which we have seen him talk about three times so far this week alone. i think he's tried to sift -- dominated the discussion here, and then i think there's another s
in 2009, as a fight over health reform was raging from the halls of congress to the town halls in michele bachmann's district, the government of texas got tenth amendmenty and threatened to secede from health care, end from the united states, itself. very patriotic. texas would be gone. they'd get no more highway money. there would be no more shared national defense. it would just be texas on its own. the land where nobody messes with the fact that poor people can't afford health insurance. that was almost four years ago exactly. >> the opposition to reforming health care isn't the most cogent thing in the world thus far. the gop health care solutions group in congress, you will recall, admitted this week they think it's best if they don't actually offer any health care solutions. they'd rather just keep saying no to whatever it is the democrats are offering no matter what it is. but in this rollicking substance-free festival of incoherence, there is one man who is determined to be the most incoherent of all. little known outside his home state for anything other than having beautiful hai
billion in spending cuts even if it's configured? >> the president has made clear, he told congress he will not sign a bill, if it fixes defense at the expense of domestic spending. the republicans are writing bills that do not have a way to solve their own problems. i do not think they can pass the bills that will result in terms of the cuts to education, to health, the to all the things that the american people care about. >> are you saying that the president would veto a bill, a resolution to the budget shut down, the budget crisis is, at the end of september that included $100 billion in new spending cuts? >> what i'm saying is that congress has to write bills that meets the challenges that that the president setsorth to saturday investing in our future, and congress cannot steal from the domestic priorities to deal with cuts across the board. it would be right to get together and have a sensible set of policies, to replace the cuts. the cuts were to drive sensible policy. they were not supposed to happen. the surprising thing is, there's people claiming credit for thing tharps des
, many americans want to throw out every member of congress, including their own, and that you are dying to be a contestant on "deal with it." >> joe. >> all right, if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." but stick around for chuck todd and "the daily rundown." >>> well, the campaign into the danger zone. anthony weiner's come up big. online outings that happened after he quit congress in shame. weiner's not the only star attraction. we're going to take a deep dive into it all this morning with eliot spitzer's opponent for city comptroller. he'll be here. president obama makes a pivot again to jobs. his midwest tour comes on the same day as a brand-new poll shows complete discut gust for washington. president obama and congress. find out what else the public has to say about ways going on there and the economy and even race relations. iowa conservative steve king's latest rift on immigration is called by some inexcusable. some going a step further, calling his language hateful. >> hi, ya'll. >> good morning. >> we're the teachers of government with the riley institute. >> for furman u
talks detroit, the economy, and whether congress wants more tax hikes. >>> and then the dangerous divide divide. the san diego sex scandal. >> every morning and evening i will be briefed on city activities. >> around the globe and inside politics with committee chair senator dianne feinstein. plus new york congressman peter king on the republican party's search for itself, his flirtation with a 2016 presidential run, and the circus otherwise known as the new york city mayor's race. >> many people want to talk about their future, not necessarily my past. >> our free for all panel also weighs in on politicians behaving really badly. the republican rift and the president's summer jobs tour. i'm candy crowley. and this is "state of the union." >>> more than 70 demonstrators have been killed and more than a thousand injured in weekend in egypt, all of it during clashes between the military installed government and its supporters versus backers of ousted president mohamed morsi. in a written statement, secretary of state john kerry said the united states urges an independent and impartial inqu
in the end we saw an extension of the debt limit. we saw confidence fall, and it hurt the economy. congress needs to do its job. it needs to finish it work on appropriations bill and pass a debt limit. >> there's also a shift in strategy, which is why i bring this up, from the white house. "the washington post" is reporting this, that senior white house officials are discussing a budget strategy that could lead to a government shutdown if republicans continue to demand deeper spending cuts, lawmakers and democrats familiar with the thinking said on thursday, president obama has made it clear that he will not sign into law republican spending bills that slash domestic programs even more deeply than sequestration. if republicans do not relent and the white house sticks to its position, a shutdown would be likely at the end of september when congress must authorize a new measure to fund the government. is if president going to make it clear he'll go to the mat this time? >> what the president said and has written to congress is that they cannot fix the problems created by the across-the-board
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 939 (some duplicates have been removed)